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“The status of the company has been changed from a ‘Private Limited Company’ into a ‘Public Limited Company’ w.e.f. October 06, 2018, thus the new name is ZUARI FINSERV LIMITED”

Zuari Finserv Limited is offering a wide range of products and services to meet its customer's financial requirements and establishing a strong presence in the financial services sector. The Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zuari Global Limited and a part of the Adventz group, led by Mr. Saroj Kumar Poddar. The group owes its legacy to the remarkable entrepreneurial vision of the late Dr. K. K. Birla. The $ 3 Billion Adventz group is partnered by world leaders in various sectors of economy and has significant presence in Agriculture, Engineering and Infrastructure, Emerging Lifestyles and Services, which are the key drivers of the Indian economy.

Zuari Finserv Limited was originally registered with the name of Horizonview Developers Private Limited under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 on December 14, 2013. The company obtained its operations from Zuari Investments Limited (a fellow subsidiary; was operating in financial services since 1995) through corporate restructuring; wherein the operations of Zuari Investments Limited were transferred to Zuari Finserv Limited pursuant to the NCLT, Mumbai bench order dated November 09, 2017 approving the Scheme of arrangement. (“Brand”), which includes Zuari Finserv Limited and its wholly owned subsidiaries i.e. Zuari Insurance Brokers Limited (ZIBL) and Zuari Commodity Trading Limited (ZCTL), having a PAN India presence in the business of investments and financial services e.g. stock and commodity broking, depository participant services, portfolio management, registrar and share transfer agent, distribution of mutual fund products, Insurance Broking.

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Adventz Group

The ‘ADVENTZ’ Group is an Indian conglomerate with global ambitions that participates in and contributes to India's economic growth and prosperity through transformational change. The Group is partnered by world leaders in various areas of enterprise and has significant presence in agriculture, engineering & infrastructure, real estate, consumer durables and services which are the key drivers of the India economy. It is deepening its engagement with consumers across the value spectrum with new initiatives in these areas.

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